Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MAC NADAC Dec. 5th, 2010

All the dogs were great at this trial! We only did one day (my mom has school on Saturdays this semester), but it was a very successful day.

The most exciting brag I have for Blue is that she got TWO 20 POINT LINES! That's pretty good for only 6 runs total. She got a Chances bonus (her fourth, I think) and a Jumpers bonus (her first!). We also tried lines in Regular, and she was very close in the first round, no so much in the second. Let's watch Blue qualify for SuperStakes the year she most likely can't go, lol (like 2009). She also Qd in Tunnelers. Oh, and she finished her Chances requirements for her NATCH-6. I don't think she's ever been in need of Regular Qs to finish off a NATCH before, haha.

There's one interesting thing to note on the first Regular course. As I walk out and see the first 4 obstacles I think to myself "Wow, this looks familiar...could it be?" then I hear someone saying that yes, it is basically the finals course from this year's Champs (modified for a weekend, of course). I decided I wanted to try the distance again (well, I just want to try distance, lol), and we did it further from where I ran it at Champs (and Blue didn't run off the AF right away to do the tunnel, lol). I'm surprised she got as far as she did, and I guess it was kind of a good idea that I went in and helped her at Champs, especially because she was getting mentally burned out.

Truly did really well two. She ended up with the same amount of Qs as Blue in the same classes, haha. Truly also GOT A BONUS in Jumpers! That was her first Open bonus Q (well, we've only seen Open bonuses at two trials now) and her first Q towards next year's SilverStakes class. That Jumpers Q finished her O-OJC.

Her contacts were okay. Still not what I'm looking for, but better than super creepiness. I don't have it on video, but she did stop early on a DW send away in the first round of Regular (she stopped right above the ground instead of going right into a 2o20). Her second DW was great though. I think she left the AF a little early in Chances, hence the confusion caused after it. She wasn't creeping down the sides though so yay! Tru hearts rubber contacts.

Sirius did well too. She got 2 Qs and was really close on her Chances run. My mom kept her moving pretty well through most of the runs.

Siri and Tru's videos are combined.

Well, this semester is nearly over (yay!) and we have another NADAC trial next weekend. We don't have any trails for probably about 4 weeks or so after that. Tru could potentially finish her S-OCC, Blue will probably get her NATCH-6, and Sirius could finish her S-OJC and S-OAC and move to Elite! Hopefully we can end this year on a high note!


  1. Congrats!! You guys are amazing. I cant even keep my dog on course running with her and you can do it 20 feet or more away. Congrats!! Diana

  2. Thanks! There's often a lot more of my dogs going off course than doing it right when they're that far away. :) We were both cooperating that day.