Thursday, January 20, 2011

JCAC NADAC Jan. 15-16, 2011

First trial of the new year. Wooh.

Yeah, so this trial didn't have the greatest feel for our dogs. Don't quite know what was up, but all the dogs seemed off, especially on Saturday. On top of that, I find out that Blue and I happened to be one of the two agility teams cut out. Dunno what we did wrong, but we got fourth, yet they show the fifth place dog instead. All I can think is I either forgot do do something, or I didn't look very interesting doing distance work. Kind of a bummer there.

Blue ended up with 4 Qs over the whole weekend. Silly girl messed up on two runs where I didn't do lines, including her senior moment in Chances. It's like she forgot I said "tunnel" while she was doing the jump, lol. She also blew a discrimination at the beginning of a Regular run.

I didn't leave any of her weird runs in here, but most of the line attempts were strange, so I was/am worried about her. I'm gonna try to get her into the chiropractor soon. I'm also wondering about her hearing. When she was young, she got something in one of her ears and the vet said it scratched the inside and there might be some scar tissue that could cause issues. She's also nine now. Does anyone know anything about hearing tests?

Random bonus line bits. I loved her try in Regular round 4. I felt so connected and the run was so smooth. Also, I think I'm going to really cut down on the amount of special skills lines we try, just to cut down on the bonus lines. She could still do Regular, Jumpers and Chance because those count for a "normal" Silver Achievement Cup. Of course if the course looked like something we really had the potential to get, I'd try it, but if there's something I'm really (or maybe a little) unsure about, I wont do it.

Now, Tru on the other hand, Qd 7 runs. She got 3 more Regular Qs and a Weavers Q towards Champs, her first Elite Qs and finished her HP-O. One more trial to go and we could have a year long Q streak in Chances, woot!

Unfortunately, I noticed Tru's jumping seemed a little off. She knocked a bar in each Jumpers round. I was looking and it seems like she is trying to push of with her front and I don't really think that's a good thing. I'm gonna try working with her on it some, while trying to work her rear end a little more.

Sirius only Qd two runs and I didn't feel like posting video. My mom's going through another "I'm retiring Sirius" phase. We'll see how long that lasts. Sirius will magically be good for a couple trials. I'm attempting to convince her to try and finish Siri's Elite Versatility at least, lol.

So not the best start to the beginning of the year. Hopefully, the next trial will turn out a little happier. Well, the next trial is one run of AKC with Tru, so I mean the next NADAC trial, lol. Oh, and you can watch the whole PIDC and my runs separately at


  1. It was a total bummer that they cut you and Blue!!! I DID get to watch your run seperately though...nice job! I *think* the 5th place dog was shown because he was last years winner...still not fair to nowt have shown you're awesome run :(

  2. The second place dog was last year's winner. The fifth place dog was just the fifth place dog (and third place at the Eastern Regional). Thanks though!