Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Day of AKC with Truly

Yeah, so this might be a little short or incoherent because I'm tired, but whatever, this will be a short post.

Truly and I actually drove further than 5 miles for AKC! I don't think I've traveled more than that for AKC since WAGS for Wishes in like, 2007, haha. Well, we wanted to see how this site worked out for the AKC people, even though we've already used it for NADAC so my mom asked me to enter one day. I got to chit chat for a long time, haha.

Tru had a great run, even though it was a long wait for it. (We got to the trial at about 10 am, Open check in was at 11 am and we ran at 3 pm!) I think if I ever enter her in Standard again, that will be all she runs until she gets to Excellent, haha. She Qd with a first place and that finished off her OAJ! Yay! She had the second fastest time (off by .04 sec.) out of all the heights in Open.

Video! I think her start line is adorable with that little rock back, haha. Also, yay for staying in the weaves while I try to get ahead!


  1. Congrats!! Wow the cloest trial to me is 30 minutes and thats our trial twice a year. Then they next closest trial is 2 hours and it goes up form there. Lucky you!

  2. Thanks. So I've heard, haha. The only issue is they only do NADAC at the park five minutes away twice (maybe once now) a year, so I have to drive for most of the NADAC trials.