Friday, June 10, 2011

Incredible Dog Challenge Tomorrow!

Blue and I are competing at the PIDC tomorrow. They're live streaming it at BarkNetwork starting at 2 pm Eastern time (and our schedule says agility starts at 11:30 am Pacific).

We got to practice today and it was...interesting. Blue was a good girl and spunky and happy. Before we got to the chute. I think it jostled some gunk in her ear and she started uncontrollably shaking her head 2/3s of the way through the course.

She seemed a little weird after going through the chute the first time, as she pulled off the jump after it. Then she shook her head on the AF (after taking an off course), which was the second to the last obstacle. She continued to shake her head occasionally and tilt her ears funny while waiting for our second turn. As I said, she got most of the way through the course, before she had to be taken off. I watched the video and she shook her head right after she got out of the chute on the second round. So she came out of a tunnel and I had to go get her and pick her up because she couldn't really walk straight. Poor girl.

The onsite vet checked her out and couldn't see anything because he didn't bring any thing to look with. :/ We had to take her to our normal vet, which luckily takes walk in patients. The vet was pretty busy, but we needed to get this checked out. Turns out it's just a 'wax plug' covering her ear drum. The vet thought it might be pressing on it and that's what was bothering her. We put some ear wash and anti-inflammatory in there and hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. One of her ears is sensitive anyway and occasionally I'll hit it the 'right' way and get a reaction, but usually she stops after a minute. Anyway, she was very happy to be at the event and loved all the activity and people like normal.


  1. scary Blue!!! I hope she feels better... glad it was just wax- you guys rock (:
    good luck & HAVE FUN tomorrow!

  2. Im glad thats all it was. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. I'm so jealous you get all those opportunities!! How'd it go??