Saturday, June 18, 2011

What happened at the PIDC

You probably would have heard me blabbing right away if we won. XD The agility is up on barknetwork now, so if you'd like to see our runs, go there. I dunno if I will even bother putting them up on YT. Well, maybe I will.

Anyway, Blue and I placed 3rd, yippee! (barknetwork's results say Truly got third, haha!) We don't have to go to Purina Farms this year and I didn't have to do an interview. My parents are sick of going with me to dog events (I think I've said this before), so I would have had to figure out some other way of getting there. (Like is happening with NADAC Champs.) I'm happy for the winners and hope they go have fun in St. Louis.

As for Blue's runs, she had a very nice first run. Only a slight bobble coming out of the tunnel under the DW. I called her just a little too hard. Second one was awful. I felt so bad making her run. She started shaking her head right as she went into the first tunnel and pulled off the weave poles. She pulled of some other stuff later, and I just went on. We were the last team to run, so we were already in third place for sure, so I was like, no need to go back out. (I'm dreading that run being aired. I wish it didn't turn out like that.) Poor dog. I was holding out hope that morning that her ears would be better, and she was fine all morning until just before our first run. >.<

Tru got to go play on Sunday. They had a demo show because the fair asked them to and it was just a fun exhibition thing. Truly was so crazy the first couple of runs. She didn't have the benefit of practicing for two days before like the other dogs. After the first two shows we went in the ring and practice between the shows (there were three demos). She did so good on the last run after doing a bit of practice. She missed the AF all three runs. On the first two, I brought her back and she did them. On the last one she said, 'Heck no' and we just went on. Smart dog. She had been clean and smooth up to that point. She is such a baby dog and this was a good experience. I know a bit more how she will react to a 'big' event or just one with more things going on than a normal trial. Also, Tru looks so much better at 12".

Anyway, no trials scheduled until late August (NADAC). I dunno if I will enter any AKC trials, since Tru would be the only one going. My mom keeps talking about going to a CPE trial, but we'll see.