Tuesday, July 26, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011!

Well, I had a fun, awesome, busy, disappointing, fantastic time at SDCC this year. I actually took pics, which I don't think I took many of last year.

This year I did four days. I was so freaking tired after each day and was never even rested when I got up the next morning. I'm still a little out of it to be honest. Anyway, I'll go over a little that happened every day.

Thursday: Hung out with friends cosplaying the 10th Doctor and Rose. I have to say I could figure out what a lot more costumes were this year. I recognized ones from Firefly and of course Doctor Who (So. Many. Elevens.). I even saw a Ned and Chuck from Pushing Daisies at one point. We didn't go to any panels and just browsed the Exhibit Hall. We went to lunch at a restaurant that sold 'sammiches', lol. Oh, and we went to a Doctor Who cosplay meet up. That was fun.

Comic-Con is odd. You can just become 'friends' with people dressed as someone in the same fandom as you. Our group picked up another 'Rose' towards the end of the day. It's so fun to just talk with nerds you don't know. This year I really felt like this was 'the internet in real life.' There were fan-girls flipping out over my friends costume and I was catching glimpses of artists whose work I'd seen online.

Oh, and I took my Critter and some (older) dude came over to take a photo. He was complimenting me on my skills. As he walked away he said that he "used to make props for Star Trek...if that means anything." That made my day. (Well, it's probably the highlight of the weekend.)

Friday: MOAR walking. Walking, walking, walking. That's all you do. Anyway, I don't know if this was as eventful, but it was more hanging out with friends. We walked to the mall for lunch. (And saw another 10th Doctor eating there. XD) I got a poster for Cowboys and Aliens signed by the screenwriters. Cool.

Saturday: And the beginning of my disappointment. I was an idiot and decided to draw pictures of the Chuck cast to try to get signed. I finished the last new drawing on Friday night and figured I'd get up early to print them. Apparently I didn't get up early enough. My printer was being odd and then I had to wait for my brother to get dressed up. So anyway, we got there at about 8:40 or so and the line for Ballroom 20 and the Chuck panel was not quite as long as this. It was about to where the first couple of trees are next to the water. That probably wasn't even half of the line. I wish I had a pic of the front.

So I decided I'd rather stand in line for autograph wristbands. Last year WB just had people line up and you had to get lined up while the panel was going, heh. This year they had people draw tickets for a wrist band like all the other signings at Comic-Con. Well, we got to the point where there were about 4 people in front of us and they drew the last wristband ticket. :( I had hoped I might see Zac Levi at his Nerd HQ event, but no luck. Nerd HQ was honestly very meh unless you were a gamer or had tickets to a 'Conversation'. I finally got a Nerd Machine shirt though, so yay!

I saw several people from school and went to a Steampunk gathering. My brother was kind of dressed steampunk. Steampunk is cool.

Sunday: Oh, I was so out of it and had no idea what I wanted to do on Sunday. My brother wimped out and didn't come. I decided to browse pretty much the whole exhibit hall that I hadn't seen closely. I got a few freebies and bought a book I'd been meaning to get. (And for only a couple dollars more than I would have paid on Amazon!) I stopped by Nerd HQ a couple more times. AND THEN there was another Doctor Who cosplay meetup thing and I took lots of pictures. I just wanted to see all the cool costumes. This was such a Doctor Who filled CC for me. I am just obsessed right now.

the silly group shot

Anyway, I think I won't do all four days next year. One, the price is going up. Two, it's a lot to handle. I really liked going with friends and hanging out and think I might want to try a costume next year. (More than a jacket, bag and critter.) I also want to try to put something in the art show. I was really regretting not signing up for any of the Nerd HQ 'Conversations for a Cause.' They sounded really fun, but I wanted to hang out with friends instead. So that was my Comic-Con experience this year. Oh, and if you want to see some more photos, check them out here.

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  1. That so cool about your "critter". Whoohoo!