Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So, I just finished watching Series 1 of 'Sherlock'

AND WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT ENDING?!?! OMG, most annoying cliffhanger ever. (Other than maybe Chuck S2's 'Guys, I know kung-fu,' but that was because we didn't know the fate of the show yet.) I liked it and depending on what I hear of next series, I'll consider watching it whenever it's on here or Netflix gets it. Unfortunately, it seems it wont even return until 2012. Geez. Also, the fandom for that show generally scares me. I've been considering watching it for months, but the crazies put me off. XD Oh, and I adored the soundtrack. It kind of reminded me of the recent Shelock Holmes movie's soundtrack, which I liked. Yeah. This has been a lame little review by Rebecca.

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