Sunday, April 15, 2012

Long Time, No Post

In an effort to put off school work, I am deciding to bring this blog back to life.  Sometimes I wonder why I even keep this.  How many people actually read this blog?  Seriously?  I'm probably better off posting longer trial enteries to Tumblr. le sigh.  Prepare for lots of videos.  (And I noticed my last post dropped vids.  So weird.  I had to go back and add them in.)

Anyway, we've had quite a few trials since I last posted.  There was the UDAC NADAC in January.

Yes, I said goodbye to a TV show in a dog agility vid.  (And I just removed all my 'Chuck' links from my blog.) Cries forever.

Blue was exceptionally awesome at this trial and managed THREE bonus Qs and finish her Vers-NATCH 4.  Not much else to say.  This was after my first wee of school and I think she missed me.  XD

Not one of Tru's most Q filled trials, but she finished qualifying for Champs and got her O-ECC.  (She was also spunky and cute, like usual.)

In February, I entered Tru only in a trial up in Lake View Terrace.  A friend offered to bring her up and let me stay in their motor home with them.  That was interesting.  Tru was very chill for that whole experience and didn't seem to have any issues.  I don't remember how she did at this trial.  I think she got both Jumpers, a few Regulars, no Chances, finished her S-HP-O, and I'm sure there was another class.  Whatever.  OH, all the courses we ran were the ones we did at the JCAC trial in December.  I still find it funny when you get the same courses twice.  It started to rain towards the end of the day one day.  I don't remember which, though, haha.  I only managed to get a couple runs filmed and here's one.  Silly Tru.

Then we had PAC's NADAC in Ramona.  I moved Blue to Skilled and had her jump 8".  That was an, um, interesting, and completely new experience.   It's definitely going to take some adjustment to my timing.  She didn't Q at all on Saturday.  I also moved her to Open Weavers.  Gah, treating her like an old dog.  She doesn't act like it.

Sunday was better.  8" is almost like hoops for Blue.

Tru was awesome at this trial.   She really enjoys this location.  I wish there were more indoor/covered places we could trial at.  Also, SHE BROKE HER PATTERN!  Truly seemed to have this Q Chances/NQ Jumpers or NQ Chances/Q Jumpers thing going and she managed to Q both classes both days at this trial.

She had a lot of nice, smooth runs.

And as of this trial, her current NATCH progress is 22/23 Regulars, 12/13 Chances, and 12/13 Jumpers!  So, fingers crossed that she finishes at the next trial!  I noticed that judge at the next trial was, in fact, judge at Tru's first NADAC trial.  While I think it'd be fun to NATCH under a 'friend' judge, haha, this seems kind of poetic.  That's if she isn't insane from the lack of practice and seeing me and ends up NQing all her runs.  XD

We did a day of AKC the other weekend.  I entered just so we could meet someone I know from forums/youtube/Facebook that was visiting.  I entered both dogs, actually.  Blue ran in Nov. Preferred and was a little nut.  She was an adorable little nut, but still.  She didn't Q either run, haha.  She broke her start line in JWW and took an off course right away, but then impressed the crowd with her distance skillzzz.  In Standard she actually decided to chase an airplane (this is the location right by an airport where the planes end up quite low) mid run.  If I'd have made her do the obstacle she ran by, she still could have Qd, haha, but I didn't care.  She was having a ton of fun anyway.  (And it's not like we get to practice. What I'm seeing is that Blue still needs SOME practice if I still want her to do well.)  I'd like a start line if we go to Champs and I think we're going to crack down on that at the next NADAC trial.  Tru NQd her Ex A JWW run, but Qd in Open Standard.  AND SHE WENT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF A SLATTED A-FRAME!  I was so proud and surprised that I pushed her a little to hard  to the table (next obstacle) that she bounced right off, haha.  Well, I think she might be able to tolerate rubber slatted A-frames in small doses.  I still think if she was asked to do them frequently, she would eventually slow down.  She's lucky I don't care that much for other venues.

Sooo, that's what we've been up to lately.  I'm at school doing lots of school things, but I've been home just about every weekend this semester for one reason or another.  I stayed up this weekend, and last time I stayed up, I really started to miss the dogs part way through the second week.  We'll see how it goes this time.

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