Friday, May 11, 2012

NATCH Truly!

Truly got her NATCH!!!  Here's the video of her NATCH runs plus an extra.  Here special skills class runs weren't that great, so they didn't make it in.  I'm so happy with how well she's been running lately, especially for so little practice on both ends.

Blue was silly (well, I was a crummy handler) and I didn't get that many runs on video, so here's a Chances.  She is such a goof at the end.  I could tell she was bouncing from behind.

She Qd 7/12 runs the whole weekend.  One of her Regulars was even a 102 dri run.  Sadly, I don't have that on video.  I didn't get much on video of her.  Gah, I wish my mom was still coming.  I feel so annoying have to ask different people to film.

Tru Qd 9/12 runs.  This video has an example of Tru finding the grass 'icky'.  I don't know what it was about that particular spot, but she does it outside the ring and will run around certain spots.  She's special.  I also trip on a tunnel.  gj me.

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