Sunday, July 22, 2012

AKC July 8th, 2012

Earlier this month, I entered Truly in just JWW at an AKC trial 5 minutes away from me. I get the confirmation e-mail for the two ring/one judge trial, and Ex. JWW is running after Standard. Sounds good, I don't have to head down for a few hours after they start and can sleep in, right? Well, didn't quite work out like that on Saturday. Apparently the DW was broken and they had to borrow a part, so they could fix it.  (I was very happy with my decision to not enter Standard because of the equipment.) Instead of waiting around to run it first, they just decided to run JWW first. I showed up about 10 mins too late and missed the whole class.  gj, me.  Guess I learned my lesson about showing up for check in.

On Sunday I actually went down in the morning JUST TO BE SURE that nothing was broken.  I went home after that and came back just as they were finishing Ex. Standard. Tru Qd, but she was melting on the start line, haha. I'd say it was a little warm for her.  She needs one more Q for her AXJ.  Then  I think she'll be done until I get her AX and she'll move to Preferred for any other AKC trials. Another memorable thing that happened at this trial was a bee swarm trying to land on various pieces of equipment while they were getting the course ready for Open Standard.  Really glad I wasn't entered, since that delayed the start of the class for quite a while.

We've got a couple NADAC trials coming up in August.  One in Mammoth and one more local, that I'll only be doing one day of since I have to check into my dorm on the Sunday.   I'm really excited about the Mammoth trial since they're doing EGC on Friday and I love running that with Tru.

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