Saturday, June 9, 2012

UDAC NADAC 6/1-3/12

Okay.  I tried writing this post on my tumblr and I'm just going to copy/past it here.  I don't know if I liked writing on tumblr any more than I like writing here.  I think the main thing I need to do with these is write them sooner.  My feelings and ideas all leave me the longer I wait to write.

"So, I moved her to Skilled and back to lower levels in most classes to finish up her Superior titles at this trial.  She Qd 12/15 runs, including a 15 pt Q in Chances!!!  That's her second bonus Q ever.  She got her Superior Open Jumpers title, but I think we're going to stay in Open for a while longer to mess with more distance on a shorter and less technical course to build confidence.

She really did some nice distance for as warm as it was.  She really doesn't care much for the heat (sun specifically), and I know she's never running full speed when it's like that.  Normally she can't function at a distance in weather like this.  I'm really proud of her.

Blue Qd 9/13 runs.  She was good on Friday and had a pretty good bonus attempt AFTER we already messed up.  Unfortunately on Saturday, that good bonus mood was gone.  I tried a couple that morning and she just wasn't feeling it.  She also seemed a little more cautious/attentive than usual.  Maybe my commands are still too late when I'm not really pushing.  Maybe our issue is a mutual feeling of 'it doesn't matter.'  Maybe it was the weather.  On the last 3 runs of the weekend, I really started to have that really connected 'what a great run' feeling.  She's also really out of shape, which probably isn't a good thing  considering her age.  All of us need to work on that this summer.  Walks and beach time here we come!  I think next time there's a three day trial, she won't be running on Friday, she was pretty wiped on Saturday night.

I think we'll be doing two trials in August.  One in Mammoth Lakes, and then one that's more local, but I can only do one day of that trial, since I have to check into my room at school.  Then it's Champs.  Wat?"

I forgot to include that Blue earned her O-WV-O, haha.  Not like that's a big deal.  It was really warm on Saturday, and it reminded me why we didn't usually do this trial.  There's so little NADAC around here though that I'm taking what I can get now.

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