Sunday, August 2, 2009

NorCal Sheltie Picnic July 18, 2009

My mom and I made the long drive from San Diego to Sacramento for a Sheltie Picnic. "Why?" you ask. Well, Truly happens to hail from those parts and we were planning on having a little reunion with her two brothers, Aiden and Casey.

The picnic was in Pleasant Grove but we stayed in Sacramento. We didn't really have anything to do the evening we got there, so we drove around Sacramento. I randomly wanted to go to the state capital building. We eventually found it and decided to explore it the next morning. We got some dinner and headed back to the hotel to get some rest.

Next morning, we woke up, took the dogs out (I forgot to mention that we only took Blue and Truly, no Sirius) and headed for the capital. They had a very nice little tree tour(that we didn't do) and park. It was very pretty and we didn't even walk the whole thing. Here are some photos. The lighting wasn't the best, so a lot didn't turn out good.
Truly says, "Why are you taking my picture?"
Blue looks majestic(or crazy)
Most of my photos where I try an interesting perspective end up with a crooked horizon.
Oooh, a building.
Blue just knows how to look good on camera.

So, after leaving the capital, we headed to the picnic. Pretty soon after we got set up, Blue went in for the herding instinct test we signed her up for.

I didn't really get any feedback from the evaluator, she seemed to do good, but after talking to some people that know a little bit more about herding, I guess she did great. As if there was any doubt. Blue is just an amazing little dog. Truly also did an instinct test but was her wimpy, lazy, princess self and didn't want to go in the sun and over exert her self in the heat. Maybe Tru would have been more interested if it had been cooler.

Now for some photos of the family.
Aiden is the big eared, hyper active brother. I guess he has a hard time focusing and doesn't really have an off switch. His owner thinks Aiden stole all the puppies ears in the womb and I think that is his secret source of energy. I also think Aiden is a lot like Blue personality wise.

Truly and Aiden

Casey-the big brother
Casey is as tall as Blue! Unfortunately, he has hip dysplasia.
Casey and Aiden

All three siblings
You can really tell they are related when you look at their faces.

Okay, so Truly was the only one that stayed through the whole photo session.

We decided that Aiden was the ADHD brother, Casey was the big brother and Truly was the pretty know it all. Truly got all the looks(and brains), I think, lol. Then again, it could be the fact that she is a girl.

As we were leaving, they were starting a treat tossing contest thing and I went and got Blue and did it. Blue caught all her treats(except the first one, she was watching another dog's treat) and got 2 toys.

I don't remember anything interesting happening on the long drive home. It was boring and was late when we got home.

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