Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photos Galore (and a Video, and USDAA trial)

We have been on a couple of non agility trips(and one day of trialing) the past few weeks and that means lots of photos taken. Winter break also gave me some time to go through all my photos and clean them up while taking still more, lol.

Photos of the cats.

Random other photos of the dogs I found from 2009.

We went out to the desert for New Years. The weather was actually really nice.

Some video. My mom said it was boring, lol.


We got to camp on a beach at Camp Pendleton. They let the public in on certain weekends after you pay for a permit. You're only supposed to have two dogs, but oh well, lol. They are also supposed to be on leash as well, but we are rule breakers! Truly ran off once to chase a pelican. She loves to watch and chase birds. This time she ran crazy far and wasn't listening and then couldn't hear she was so far away. We had to go really far and actually get her.

Blue and I did our one day of a USDAA trial. Qd 1/3 runs. Standard was really my fault for being a fail close handler. What I am wondering is if the wing jumps have something to do with her back jump. I was a little close for her, I think, but that coupled with the fact that she had to get closer to me because of the wing might be what drove her back over it. Oh, I love when I stop Blue, you can see me talking to her. I am so bad about that, lol. She also had a fast table, which has been something difficult to get out of her recently. She did good in Gamblers, Q and 3rd. That was the only thing I expected Blue to Q in, and she did got it. I walked the Jumpers course planning to run with her, but just stood where there where no jumps at the bottom of the course and realized that it could work for distance, haha. I just was like, I'm doing it, no reason not to. I don't have any goals in USDAA with Blue. I think I might be claustrophobic on the agility course, lol. The wings on those jumps and trying to walk the course where everyone is just a little unnerving. I always feel like I'm gonna trip on a wing. I was waaay more comfortable when I got out of that, lol. We didn't Q, but she did get some good distance work in. For Blue's first time in PIII, she did well.

Next trial is in a couple of weeks. NADAC, yay! It's taken me forever to finish this post, haha. I started it on Jan. 3rd.

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